Preparation of Education Package

The Education Package will be designed according to the need map which is formed according to the Intellectual Output 1 and will be designed in order to indicate the contents that will be used in Intellectual Output 3. The contents will be customized based on the targeted children and families, in order to support the dialogue between parents and children on child abuse and neglect, which are very sensitive issues. The contents will be developed through short videos, stories, comics and others.

Specifically, contents will be based on pedagogical theories on child abuse and positive parenting (Pinheiro, 2006; Council of Europe, 2006 and 2007, SDG -5 and 16.2-) and they will be composed in order to be free of cultural differences, leaving to each country partner the possibility to make them culturally sensitive. Moreover, the contents will be designed based on a multimedial framework, to maximize their impacts through the use of an application.

A strategy for the contents dissemination will be designed in order to spread as much as possible the contents and increase awareness of societies on the issues.

Date 01 May 2020, Friday
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