Analysis and Need Analysis of the Situation

The main objective of this Intellectual Output is to analyze the situations by comparing the current situation of the issue and the new results of semi-structured interviews which will give new perspectives about the Child Abuse and Neglect. This technique will combine the existing results with the new qualitative ones which will be an innovative approach to the subject by use of metasynthesis.

The objectives of the Intellectual Output is given as follows:

• to explore and describe through a literature review the child maltreatment of children aged 2 to 17 years old local, national and European level.
• to identify risk factors for child abuse with particular emphasis on physical abuse families in their cultural context.
• to explore commonalities of experiences among cultural groups.
• to develop a meta-synthesis of evidence that summarizes data on the prevalence, the patterns, the risk and protective factors and the prevention and treatment strategies as well as data on the child needs.

The expected impact is enormous to other Intellectual Outputs of the project according to metasynthesis results. Need Analyses and Education packages will be based on these results which will form the base of Academic Papers and Guidebook. Moreover, the methodology of digital tools will be also based on these results. In general, by blending the techniques, we aim to find the hidden facts related to the issue and develop the project cycle accordingly.

The transferability potential is among the aims of this Intellectual Output and this will be ensured with the application of the results into real life by use of combining the social and cultural contexts related to Child Abuse and Neglect. So in case of any new situation of the case, the results can be easily transferred and used effectively.



Related to Analysis of Situation we have created 2 reports: First one is Need Analysis Report (25 pages) which was created according to interviews results and Second one is Literature Review Report (169 pages)

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Date 27 February 2023, Monday
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