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The last Intellectual Output of the Project is guidebook which will be a kind of smartbook for the users. In this guidebook, the keywords related to Child abuse and Neglect are all connected to each other with hyperlinks. When a user would like to find something in any case related to the issue, the guidebook will direct the user to the main indicators and knowledge by dimensional knowledge controller. This guidebook will be designed for both parents and trainers. To the category of trainers, the stakeholders and other related institutions can also be included. In this two stepped guidebook, parents will be informed about child abuse and neglect in an educative order and trainers will be able to find out any knowledge or method they want to see or use in their training programmes.

What makes this Intellectual Output innovative is that the technique of multi-dimensional knowledge map which is rarely used in education will be used both in the digital environment and hardcopy format. Any individual, whether parent or trainer, who wants to use this will reach the knowledge from core to general which will avoid the user from the pollution of information most of which is unnecessary and repeating itself. The user will be able to use smart guidebook in their mobile technological devices and in the format of a hardcopy published version. The updatable structure of this intellectual output will ensure the sustainability of the project and the positive effect created.

The expected impact of the guidebook is that the individuals who are fed up with unnecessary and complicated information which deterred the individuals to learn anything new about the real life cycle, will be attracted with its simple but effective usage. This simplicity will increase the self learning process and habits of the parents which will accordingly contribute the awareness of the people about child abuse and neglect. In addition to this, a trainer can use this to implement a training programme with the intellectual outputs of the project from beginning to end. In addition to this, trainers can also improve and renew their knowledge on the issue.

The product of this intellectual output - the guidebook- will also include the strategies of the project, results, intellectual outputs and the methodology used in the process. Any trainer, individual or any institution who is eager to make any contribution to prevent child abuse and neglect can use the background information about the project and make a complimentary project. Also, the guidebook's digital version's being available to update, will ensure the active usage even after the project cycle.


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Date 20 April 2023, Thursday
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