Digital Tools (Training Videos, Mobile Application and E-platform)

This Intellectual Output is innovative in terms of transforming the classical and traditional learning environment to flexible and digital learning environments. With developed digital tools the training will be more attractive with the usage of ICT based methodologies which make the adult training more dynamic and modern. These digital tools will also provide the increase of digital competences of the adults.

The main objectives of this Intellectual Output are to;
-increase the accessibility of training on child abuse and neglect by the use of technology,
-enable the participation of the adults who cannot or do not have the opportunity to attend the trainings,
-increase the level of use of technology in education which is also supported by Erasmus+ Programme,
-provide informal learning opportunities for adults with the help of lifelong learning opportunities like ICT tools,
-increase the competences of adults in the digital world,
-share information between adults, parents, stakeholders etc.

As a result of these digital tools regional, national and international analyses will be also available which can pioneer for future studies and projects. This will provide transferability potential of this Intellectual output. These digital tools will also be multi-lingual which will help to gather the strong side of each country. So that anyone who in need of further global information will be able to consult anyone from any other country.

Date 01 May 2020, Friday
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