Expected Results

In Europe and World, Child Abuse and Neglect is an issue for which many steps have been taken so far but it is clearly seen that the problem is still going on extensionally and it is on the front burner of many countries' governmental agencies. In this respect, even a drop of knowledge or innovation can create an effect of perfect knowledge storm. Within the context of this Project, we will have some crucial results which will have an important effect on the prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect on different parts of societies.

First of all the analyses and meta-synthesis analyses of the current researches will form the base of the project. According to data obtained in these research, new analysis methods will be developed and applied and then lacking dimensions will be consummated in psychological, pedagogical and legislational dimensions which will create an awareness on stakeholders and others at the end of the project. In addition to this, with the development of digital tools for adults usage, the individuals who do not have any chance to attend face to face trainings and interviews ,will be able to attend the trainings which will be effective in this digital era. Moreover, they will be able to learn new perspectives with their own cultural phenomena and rather than interference, they will be able to act in preventive process subconsciously. With the formation of academic papers related to the results of the project, an awareness and new dimensions related to the education of adults and the trainers that educate adults, can be gained in academic world for further studies. With the formation of guide book, the individuals who don't have the opportunity to attend training programs with digital tools, will be able to reach and apply possible solutions for the situations and develop himself/herself in this way. Similarly stakeholders and other institutions will be able to create their own road maps using this guidebook.

As a result of the training of trainers activity,emotional intelligence/ intrapersonal communication techniques will be given to trainers which will enable trainers to give concrete core subjects to adults in a subconscious way especially in such a sensitive and delicate issue for parents. Shortly, in the digital era we are living in, most of the people in the society even in urban areas, have smartphones which have many applications. So by using this advantage of digital accessibility, we aim to reach many people even the ones with basic or little knowledge of technology, and they will be able to learn about the issue and be transformed from passive citizens to active citizens who protect the children's rights and accept them as, individuals of society who are the cultural heritage of future. In addition to these, we aim to create awareness on the people who abuse the children emotionally, physically or etc. in an unintentional way so they will be able to correct themselves in terms of their behaviors towards children. As a result of all these, the incidents of child abuse will decrease as the awareness and knowledge of people increase.

With the development of digital tools, there is going to be at least 160 minutes of training videos will be integrated into the e-platform and mobile application. This time-scale is corresponding approximately 50-55% of a classic curriculum of training about the topics which means that any person who is involved in this training will experience an increase about this rate in his/her knowledge about child abuse and neglect. In a multicultural environment with sociologists, psychologists, legal experts and social workers from all over Europe, the subject will be studied in detail for the first time and this will make a significant contribution to the international literature.

Date 01 May 2020, Friday
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