Kutahya Provincial Directorate of Family, Work and Social Services (TURKEY)

Kütahya Provincial Directorate of Family, Labour and Social Services is a governmental organization which is working as one of Directorate of The Ministry of Family,Labour and Social Services. One of the aims of the Ministry is to provide social services that strengthen the individual and family within the framework of social values.The directorate is working as a part of national network and making the arrangements for headquarters such as child services, disabled and elderly people services, family and society services and woman's status.

Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services is responsible also to produce and maintain social policies in our country which provides sources for disadvantageous groups to make them more powerful and enhance their coping skills. These groups can be characterized by people who often face poverty, victims of violence, children in need of protection or victim of neglect or abuse, people with disabilities and people who do not have access to some biological, psychological or social resources. Kütahya Provincial Directorate of Family, Labour and Social Services provides its services through many different organizations and employees with different professions. Social Service Centers identify and meet the needs of children, elderly, disabled people living in different districts of the city. Within the scope of Social Service Centers, there are services for people who have economic problems, children in need of protection or drifted into crime, elderly people in need, disabled people and people who need social support to become more powerful and to have a better quality of life. Violence Prevention and Monitoring Center works with people who are subjected to violence and carries out various professional interventions to protect people from being victims or witnesses of violence. In these organizations, which are affiliated to the Kütahya Provincial Directorate of Family, Labour and Social Services, social workers, psychologists, sociologists, teachers, child development specialists and police officers conduct professional interventions by interacting with each other and these occupational groups offer services to disadvantageous people by conducting a multidisciplinary practice while using specific knowledge and skills in their fields.

In the context of social services, psychological support, social work groups, economic support, social integration and education programs are carried out to improve well-being. Each month they do several organizations with stakeholders to improve the life standarts of families, the conditions in labour field and the social services supported by the government via the ministry. With these improvements that will be in the order of social life, a crucial contribution is made in accordance with the aims of European Commission’s perspectives about increasing the prosperity level of citizens.

Date 01 May 2020, Friday
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