M&ampampM Profuture Training S. L. (SPAIN)

M&M is a modern trainer provider and intermediary organization founded in 2014 whose staffs has wide experience in managing and implementing training procedures and activities that give them enough skills and knowledge to develop the activities related to a wide range of projects.

The company is specialized in different spheres - development and management of projects under different programs, creation of quality standards based in ISO for quality management, need analysis, VET training and qualification, etc. Their work focuses on the connection between business needs, organizational plans and human resources management and M&M is constantly carrying out analysis in order to develop and improve companies and their staff.

M&M has a huge network that allows the company to be in contact with other companies, foreign partners, stakeholders, laboral market, consulting companies, educational institutions and universities, experts, public administration, etc., and it works in close cooperation with all of them, which facilitates precise knowledge of the reality and direct contact with the target group of the project.

On the other hand, M&M has a close professional relationship with different organizations, such as incubators, business centres, social organizations and industrial networks and collaborates together to create and maintain employment through the promotion and implementation of high quality VET training, reskilling and qualification of the workforce.

M&M is member of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, of the Observatory of Women Business and Economy, partner in the Network of Entrepreneur Women of Barcelona and Cornellà de Llobregat and collaborator of the Labora Program, led by the Local Institute of Social Services of the Barcelona local government. Therefore, their previous experiences gave them a unique insight of the practical aspects of implementing large scale co-funded projects and also provided us an extremely wide network of collaborating organizations from both Spain and all over the world.

Their staffs have actively participated and coordinated projects under different European programmes (Lifelong Learning, Erasmus +, Europe for Citizens, National, Autonomous and Local Calls…) and as a result of this experience in national and international activities and projects, they obtained the basis to participate, with a high level of quality and know-how in a wide range of projects. Their participation in the projects mentioned below gave them also the opportunity to produce and collect a large number of innovative training tools and to improve several aspects of training methodologies that, added to their previous experience in vocational training, made them a highly qualified and experienced training provider.

They have developed a wide variety of teacher training during these years using innovative methodologies and tools. They have especially collaborated with primary, secondary and vocational schools all over the municipality of Barcelona and they have both organized courses and job shadowing to strengthen the interchange of good practices and improve the use of new methods in education and training. M&M provides the following integrated tailored services:

1. Business consulting & support
2. Analysis of training needs
3. Pedagogical approach of training and development of educational models
4. Evaluation of learning processes
5. Promotion of workers’ and students mobilities to improve their training, experience and profiles
6. Design and creation of learning units and didactic materials
7. Organizational support & production and transfer of innovation and know-how
8. Project planning, submission and management
9. Assistance in improving employment and initiatives (e.g. orientation) paying special attention to women, young people and other groups in social and labour exclusion risk.

M&M does collaborate actively with important associations related to violence and abuse subject as well. ‘El mundo de los ASI’ and ‘Vicky Bernadet’ are both institutions financed by the government and their own members which aim to fight for a future without children abuse. M&M Profuture Training has also collaborated with both institutions in the creation of specific pedagogical tools in order to fight for this reality: the implementation of pedagogical theatre; the designing of a training for those people who want to volunteer in both institutions; taking part in fairs and event that both institutions have held with the support of the local government and other collaborating stakeholders.


Date 07 March 2023, Tuesday
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