Date 25 April 2021, Sunday
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Collaborations to promote prevention of violence against children by M&M Profuture Training, S.L. (Spain)

M&M Profuture Training, S.L. (Spain) has already signed an alliance with different national organizations in order to collaborate in DepCip project and to promote prevention of violence against children

According to the OMS, 23% of children in the world suffered physical abuse, 36% suffered emotional abuse and 26% suffered sexual abuse and the consortium of DepCip project (five partners from five different countries: Turkey, Greece, Lithuania, Italy and Spain) aims to protect children, as individuals, both physically and psychologically against violence and abuse.

More collaborations for greater impact

The partners in DepCip feel connected by their common background and share the common point of working together in order to make a unique contribution to better and more effective training for adults in relation to violence against children.

One of the goals of DepCip is to create alliances and collaborations with local, national and European organizations sharing with them their fight against violence and abuse.

These alliances does not only involve public or private organizations, but also stakeholders, experts and researchers who are knowledgeable about this reality and want to collaborate on the development of our activities.

Together with Asociación REDIME and FAPMI

In this sense, our Spanish partner has established an alliance with two organizations that work against child abuse and mistreatment, joining efforts and common objectives and creating synergies for the development of the DepCip project.

Asociación Redime ( and The Federación de Asociaciones para la Prevención del Maltrato Infantil ( have trusted us and our project and they will collaborate in the validation of the material created and will participate in the different training courses that will be developed during the implementation of the project.

Welcomed to the heart of DepCip family!!!