Date 21 December 2020, Monday
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International Webinar on Parent-Child Relationship During Covid Pandemic Period

International Webinar on Parent-Child Relationship During Covid Pandemic Period

Under the leadership of Kütahya Dumlupınar University; an online event was organized in the international project “Digitized Education of Parents for Children Protection'' (DEPCIP), which aims to provide training for families in order to contribute to the prevention of child neglect and abuse. This online event of the Project was an international event that examined the behavior and attitudes of families towards their communication with their children during the Covid-19 pandemic.

On 15.12.2020, the event was organized under the leadership of the Italian partner of the project, the University of Bicocca of Milan. Dr. Elisabetta BIFFI, Dr Alessandro PEPE, Dr. Stefano MALATESTA, Dr. Eleonora FARINA, Dr. Maria BENEDETTA and Daniela BIANCHI from the University of Bicocca of Milan(Italy) ; Prof. Dr. Oktay Shahbaz and Assist.Prof.Dr.  Zeynep HİÇDURMAZ from Kutahya Dumlupınar University (Turkey); Dr. George KRITSOTAKIS from Hellenic Mediterranean University (Greece); Anand TORRENTS from M & M Profuture training P.L. (Spain) and Dr. Agata KATKONIENE  from Mykolo Romerio from University (Lithuania) were the speakers of the event. More than 200 participants from various countries such as Turkey, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Spain and the United States participated in the international event.

Making the opening speech of the event, Prof. Dr. Oktay ŞAHBAZ gave information about the project to the participants and talked about the short and long term contribution of the intellectual outputs to be obtained from the project in preventing violence against children. Prof. Dr. Sahbaz emphasized that it is important for families to increase their awareness in this context and talked about the educational packages that will be created for families during the project and the digital applications that will be transformed into these educational packages. In addition, a mini-guide has been developed to address the problems experienced especially during the covid pandemic. Dr. Oktay Shahbaz said that at the end of the project, all data will be made available to families and institutions.

According to the information provided in the online event, 1000 families from Turkey, Italy, Greece, Spain and Lithuania were reached, and important data on parent-child relations were obtained during the curfew restrictions during the pandemic. It was stated that the data will be compiled as soon as possible and shared on the project web page,, and the results will be delivered to other national and international stakeholders.

The online event also highlighted the current state of parent-child relations in the Covid-19 pandemic and curfew restrictions in Turkey, Italy, Greece, Spain and Lithuania. Assist. Prof.Dr. Zeynep HİÇDURMAZ, Dr. Alessandro PEPE, Dr. George KRITSOTAKIS, Anand TORRENTS and Dr. Agata KATKONIENE presented important information about country-based analysis in detail. The results will be shared with the public soon.

Prof. Dr. Oktay Shahbaz and Dr. Elisabetta BIFFI thanked all the researchers and participants. They ended their words by asking all participants to actively participate in the project and to contact them for any information exchange.